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Outside the European Economic Area

If you’re a registered company in the UK and looking to employ someone from outside the European Economic Area you will need to obtain a sponsorship licence. You will need to sponsor your potential employees for them to legally enter the UK to work, even if the work will be unpaid i.e. charity and volunteer work. Our expert lawyers are here to guide you through the whole process.

The points-based system

The points-based system is used to allow only licenced sponsors to be eligible to issue potential migrant employees with a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Successfully applying for a licence

For your organisation to successfully apply for a licence and be added to the register of sponsors you must prove that you meet the following criteria:

    • Your organisation is a bona fide and legitimate organisation;
    • Your organisation is working within the law;
    • There are no reasons to believe that your organisation poses a threat to immigration control; and
    • Your organisation is committed to fulfilling its sponsorship duties, and there are procedures in place to monitor immigration compliance.

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