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Money Claim Online (MCOL)

Making a Claim of less than £100,000.00

If you want to make a money claim of less than £100,000.00 then MCOL is where you may be directed to go. MCOL was designed to be a simplified way to start a county court claim for a fixed amount of money. However, if errors are made they can cause delays in legal proceedings and cost you time and money.

If you do make an error when a claim is issued then you will be unable to obtain a refund of any court fee paid. As such, our expert Solicitors are here to help you through this process and help recover any monies which are owed to you.

The key points to note to make a Money Claim Online are:

    • Your claim must be for a fixed amount of money less than £100,000;
    • There must be no more than one claimant and against no more than two defendants (people or organisations);
    • The Defendant(s) must be served to an address in England or Wales;

Having commenced your money claim:

Having commenced your money claim, if the Defendant files a defence to the claim, then the legal proceedings will be transferred to the local County Court for Directions and be listed for a Hearing date.

If the Defendant is an individual, then the legal proceedings will automatically be transferred to their local County Court. Once the claim has been transferred, you will need to contact the local court where the legal proceedings have been transferred to for any information on the claim’s progress.

If the Defendant fails to respond to the claim:

If the Defendant fails to respond to the claim within the allowed time, or they have sent you an
admission form and you are willing to accept their offer of payment, you can request judgment via the MCOL website.

Why choose CSB Solicitors?

If the Defendant does not make any payment following the County Court Judgment being entered you can consider whether you wish to proceed to enforcement. There are various methods of enforcement available. Our expert Solicitors are on hand to assist you and guide you through this process.

Please contact us to provide details of your claim and one of our Team will discuss your collection needs.

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